What data can I get from the video?

All data you can need for your traffic survey!

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With DataFromSky, you can measure a wide range of advanced traffic parameters thanks to the trajectory-based approach analyzing: current speed, acceleration, deceleration, classification up to 19 categories (LIGHT analysis), colors, license plates detection (optional), safety analysis (measuring time to collision, heavy breaking, post encroachment time, risky situations), configurable gate counting including O/D matrix, travel and occupancy times, headways, gap time & time to follow analysis, capacity estimations, various export functions, and statistics and many more features…

And all with 98% - 100% accuracy with every single millisecond in the video for each tracked object thanks to a professional desktop application for traffic analysis DataFromSky Viewer! Look at the video below to see a few outputs from the free analytic tools available in the Viewer and try it on your own video for free.

Export a highly customizable traffic survey video or a variety of other data formats such as CSV or DXF files.

The gathered data is also suitable for PTV Vissim simulations.

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