DataFromSky AI is a fully automated service that runs immediately when your video is uploaded. Privacy is our priority, and frankly, we're unable to watch thousands and thousands of hours of videos from users all around the world.

Just as your privacy is important to us, the quality of the output is important too. So we have an automated review system that reports in case the video does not meet the essential requirements for analysis, which can negatively impact the results. In this case, we review the results and inform the customers, but their videos will still remain private.

If you are not satisfied, we will refund your credits! Try it by yourself!

DataFromSky pays attention to the quality of the results and therefore we offer an additional service Guarantee of 100% results. If you decide to use this program, our AI-based control system will come into the game and provide a thorough analysis of the outputs and fix the incorrect results in a way that your traffic study is impeccable and error-free. This service can be purchased at any time in case you find out that the automated output did not match your expectations.

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