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Do you perform video analysis in real-time?
Do you perform video analysis in real-time?

We even offer you two solutions of real-time analysis.

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Yes, we offer several real-time traffic analysis solutions, both centralized (server-based) and decentralized (camera-based data processing). Specifically, these product lines are:

  • TrafficEmbedded - onboard video analytics from live camera streams 

  • Enterprise - video analytics on your local servers or in the cloud 

TrafficEmbedded - convert any camera into a smart traffic sensor

TrafficEmbedded is a HW series of deep-video analytical embedded devices that convert any camera into a smart sensor for various smart city tasks such as adaptive traffic control, traffic monitoring, parking management, crowd management, etc. Live camera streams are processed on-board in the TrafficEmbedded unit and, therefore, there is no need to transfer image data via the network. TrafficEmbedded series is based on the most powerful video analytic deep-AI processors and is especially useful for situations where you need to:

  • get traffic knowledge in real-time

  • limit data bandwidth from the sensor 

  • process data locally because of privacy

  • have fully independent sensory system on the connectivity

Enterprise - process hundreds of live camera streams on your local servers

Enterprise solution is designed for centralized processing of many camera streams to monitor traffic and pedestrians for smart cities, surveillance centers, etc. Enterprise solution can be deployed on local operator servers (you have full control over your data - nothing leaves your network) or analyze via our cloud service (video streams are securely transferred to the DataFromSky AI cloud for analysis). It is an easily scalable system with minimal operating costs, designed for cases with more than 10 cameras.

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