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How to make a traffic study of more than 10 square kilometers?
How to make a traffic study of more than 10 square kilometers?

We can extend range of your study from hundreds of meters to kilometers!

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To measure transit time and directionality analysis within large areas that cannot be covered by a single camera, even from a drone, individual vehicles need to be reliably re-identified to allow subsequent time-spatial matching of their occurrences. 

DataFromSky offers two solutions:

  • Combining trajectories from overlapping video footage - getting complete telemetry of passage

  • The pairing of passages using LP

Trajectory merging in time and space - AERIAL

DataFromSky Aerialcan merge trajectories from multiple image sources to provide complete telemetry of each individual object on a vast surface. This unique feature makes it possible to extend the sensing range from hundreds of meters to kilometers. The actual connection operation uses information about time, motion prediction of the object, and its visual description. The algorithm searches for an optimal solution of a multi-criteria problem using probabilistic models, which results in a high success rate in coupling. 

License plate-based merging - LIGHT

DataFromSky Light allows optional activation of vehicle license plate detection from videos, supporting all EU license plates as well as most alphanumerical-only license plates. Detected license plates along with timestamps can be exported in .CSV format and the outputs can be simply paired. Thanks to the precise location of vehicles on the road and the ability to extract data when passing through a user-defined virtual counting gateway, this function can also be applied to accurately measure passage time or segment speed measurement. More about License plate detection in a separate article.

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