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How much do I pay for DataFromSky TrafficSurvey? (PRICING)
How much do I pay for DataFromSky TrafficSurvey? (PRICING)

We offer quality at reasonable prices! Starts from 2.9 EUR/hour and all analytical functions are for free!

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With DataFromSky service you pay only for hours of the video that you upload to our DataFromSky AI platform. You do not pay anything for analytical functions that you are using for further processing of the data within the video. Thanks to this process you do pay for your video only once at the beginning and then you can set as many scenarios in your video as you want. Every day you can get 3x free five minutes samples to help you decide if you want a full analysis. We also give you one credit to get started with our services!

What do you get for free if you use DataFromSky services?

  • Free access to the DataFromSky AI platform, where you upload the video and we detect objects and their trajectories for you. It is a place where you can download or store your results as well.

  • License-free analytical tool (DataFromSky Viewer), that you use for visualization of your data, setting scenarios, and analyzing the video data including exporting the data out of the video.

You pay for each hour of the video that you upload to the DataFromSky AI platform.

  • DataFromSky Light starts at €2,9/hour of the video, 

  • DataFromSky Aerial starts at €14,5/hour of the video. 

We can provide you additional functions for a fee as well.

Thanks to this system you pay only for the first analysis of the video through the DataFromSky AI platform and then you can set hundreds of scenarios within the video through DataFromSky Viewer for no extra charges. If you are not satisfied, we will refund your credits! Try it yourself!

Our Credit system

DataFromSky service is based on a credit system and one shared Credit Wallet for both DFS Light and DFS Aerial services. See the advantage of this system:

  • Price efficiency: the more videos you analyze, the lower the price

  • Processing priority: the higher the package, the higher the priority in processing of your videos

  • Data privacy: the videos and results are only yours!

  • No size limitation: 2 hours, 10 hours, or 24 hours of video data?  No problem!

  • Data availability: you can download the results and store them in your PC

You can purchase Credits through our DataFromSky AI platform according to the valid price list, where the minimum payment per transaction is 10 EUR. Or we can issue an invoice for you, so you can pay by bank transfer as well. Feel free to contact us.

DFS LIGHT service

  • 1 Credit = 1 hour of Video processing (Video processing and LP detection are charged for every started minute)

DFS AERIAL service

  • 5 Credits = 1 hour of Video processing (Video processing is charged for every started minute)

  • Georegistration is charged by 42 Credits for each continual video up to 3 hours, then new georegistration has to be set

  • Costs per additional georegistration is set to 7 Credits per each additional hour

  • Georegistration is needed in case you want to get data in km/h and additional services such as Safety analysis, GAP analysis, etc.

  • 100 % Guarantee of results - is charged at a fixed fee (96 Credits) + 0,134 Credit for each correction in the video. Georegistration is needed for this service.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us!

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