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How to get my video processed with DataFromSky Traffic Survey?
How to get my video processed with DataFromSky Traffic Survey?

Need to get the ultimate data for your traffic survey? You're in the right place!

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It's much easier than you thought! To be able to get data exports out of a video, we first have to detect objects and their trajectories from it. Our fully automated DataFromSky AI platform can do that for us! Follow the four recommended steps for analyzing the data with DataFromSky AI below the videos and get the data needed for further analysis. Or you can look at our two video manuals.

One for Aerial platform

And the second one for the Light platform

1. Shoot a video of any traffic that you want to analyze

Don't forget to follow our recommendations on how to shoot a video for DFS Light and how to shoot a video for DFS Aerial.

2. Upload the video to the DataFromSky AI platform 

Choose the right platform based on the character of the video.

  • DataFromSky LIGHT – Video analysis from static cameras on the ground.  It can provide comprehensive traffic data such as Origin-Destination matrix, turn-movement counts, gate counting, object classification into 19 categories in total, trajectories, various export options (Excel, CSV, visualizations), stationary time, recognition of colors of objects, and much more

  • DataFromSky AERIAL –  Video analysis recorded by drones or other UAVs. The most advanced technology for traffic monitoring at the microscopic level. Trajectory & GPS position, speeds, acceleration, Tg & Tf calculation, capacity estimation, Time to the collision, Safety analysis, and road user behavior patterns.

3. Wait for your results - have a coffee :)
After you upload your video to the DataFromSky AI platform, fully automated analysis of the objects and trajectories in the video starts in the background. You can check the status of your analysis in your account under the Tasks section. 

4. Download your results and analyze them with the DataFromSky Viewer
Once the analysis is done, we send you an informational email with instructions and a link to download your results (tracking log). The tracking log represents a data package containing information about traffic analysis scenes and detected or annotated vehicle trajectory data. Each tracking log is closely tied to the video sequence file, as it itself does not contain image data. If you want to view or edit a tracking log, you have to open it through the DataFromSky Viewer with the original video sequence file as well.

See more information on how to work with DataFromSky Viewer in this article.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us!

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