Our traffic AI is trained on millions of hours of traffic videos captured in all weather conditions including snow, rain, fog, dark or overexposed scenes. Due to the long-term development of the key components of automatic traffic data extraction, the system is extremely robust and highly reliable in all mentioned cases. 

For best results, keep in mind these two basic rules:

  • If you are able to recognize the objects in the image, DataFromSky will be able to do as well. 

  • The better the video input, the better the traffic output. Read our recommendations on how to record the video from drones or from standard cameras.

With DataFromSky, you always have backdoors even for bad video inputs or uncertain situations! 

  • Test our traffic AI on your concrete video for free - 5 minutes for each video is analyzed without charge. So you can check the quality of the fully automated extraction in your video before you paid for the full analysis.

  • Guarantee of 100% results - with this additional paid service, DataFromSky will extract the maximum what is technically possible to mine from your video footage - the output will be further validated

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us!

DataFromSky at night

DataFromSky in the fog

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