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Do you provide stabilization of the video?
Do you provide stabilization of the video?

For aerial videos captured by drones - YES . For ground videos captured by fixed cameras - NO.

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In short, depending on the video you want to process: 

  • DataFromSky AERIAL -  you will always receive consistent traffic data in time and space which is not affected by unwanted movements of the drone. Stabilization is an integral part of our processing.

  • DataFromSky LIGHT - we do not stabilize the videos as it is intended for the analysis of the records captured by fixed cameras. 

Though the modern drones are super stable, it is still not possible to record longer aerial videos in the exact same viewpoint and digital stabilization is required (all tiny camera movements are multiplied with the distance - this is the physics). Therefore, the sophisticated digital stabilization must be and is an integral part of DataFromSky Aerial. For that reason, our outputs are robust to small movements of UAV/drone during the recording caused by wind, operator, etc. The stabilization is also needed if you want to get super precise vehicle positions, speeds, accelerations for advanced traffic analysis such as safety analysis or capacity estimation.

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