How do I extract vehicle velocity or acceleration?

The answer is simple: do the georegistration!

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When you send us your footage, we do not know where it was shot, at what altitude, what was the camera setup ... and therefore we are processing everything in units relative to the footage resolution. This is why you get the speed reading in kilo pixels per hour. That is perfectly fine if you want to know how many cars are leaving your roundabout in the southbound direction, evaluate stationary times, or create an Origin-Destination matrix. However, you don't know whether that red car was actually speeding or not.

To extract data in real-world coordinates, you need to do one simple step: georegister the footage. It is as easy as clicking this checkbox in your task details at

There is a small charge connected with this service. If you want to perform the georegistration on your own and for free, we have excellent news for you: Georegistration has become part of the DFS Viewer.

After georegistering the project, you can enjoy all the advanced statistics in real-world units.

By the way, you can select whether you prefer SI or Imperial units in Settings -> Application Settings ->  Units Settings of the DataFromSky Viewer. 

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