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How to set up fixed CCTV cameras for video analytics?
How to set up fixed CCTV cameras for video analytics?

A few tips and tricks to make our AI happy ... so that it can give you the best results and make you happy as well.

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To put it in a nutshell, the better the input, the better the results! If you have clear and stable footage where you are happy to tell a bus from a van, then you probably need not read any further and just upload your footage to DFS Light. Do you want to know a bit more? We have a few recommendations for you to enjoy the best possible results from your setup. 

The DataFromSky Light engine can process data from any video input such as static/handheld consumer camera or footage from an existing CCTV infrastructure. For the best traffic analysis results we recommend the following input video parameters:

  • resolution: 1280×720 or more

  • bitrate: 5 Mb/s or more

  • framerate: 25 fps or more

  • min.traffic object size: 32px in one dimension

  • continuous video without cuts

  • no camera movement 

We also recommend minimizing occlusions in the scene. It is useful for the input video to be as stable as possible. Try to avoid vibrations, re-composition, or generally any movement of the camera during the whole video acquisition. If not a permanent installation, we recommend using a tripod or magic arm to provide a solid support to your camera. It is much more convenient for you as well.

Example of the configuration best suitable for DFS LIGHT analysis :

  • elevation of the camera: 10m

  • resolution: > HD

  • optics FOV: 90°

  • the angle between the imaging axis and the ground plane: 45°

Different configurations are acceptable as long as the basic requirements are fulfilled. The most important parameter is the incidence angle: it should always be in the range of 30–60 °.

A few good-practice examples:

Do not have your own video? Try DataFromSky for free with one of our examples for Light.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us!

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