What's an action region and how to set it?

Get an alert in case of an object getting into a forbidden area or exceeding the speed limit.

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Action regions are used to detect the presence and speeding of objects in a certain area of the scene view. You can set your own action regions according to your requirements and change them any time you need!

To create an Action Region, click on the button Add Action Region or right-click in the scene view and select Add Action Region. Then create your own shape of the action region by clicking the points, it is possible to display it only after three points are added. Already placed points can be moved by dragging and removed by right-clicking and selecting Remove Control Point. Creating the action region is done by pressing the Finish Editing button in Main Toolbar. You can also Edit or Delete Lanes by clicking Edit or Delete button on Main Toolbar. 

In the Selected Annotation settings you can see and set: 

  • Annotation Type – The currently selected Annotation Type.

  • Region ID – ID Annotation number.

  • Presence Alert – Enable the object presence alert. You can then Select Object Types for which the presence alert will be displayed.

  • Speeding Alert – If the vehicle exceeds a set speed, a speeding alert is displayed in the scene view.

  • Select Max. Speeds – Here you can set maximum speeds for individual objects.

  • Select Object Colours – Only in LIGHT mode. Here you can set for which object colors the alert will be displayed.

See the example of how Object Presence Alert might look in the video

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