How to anonymize data in the video?

Respect others privacy and anonymize data in the video.

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Do you want to present your data, but you can recognize people, license-plates, or other private information in the video? Do not worry, we are prepared for that! Use the possibility to anonymize certain areas in the scene view by creating an anonymization region. The creation of the anonymization region is similar to the creation of an action region.

The great news is that anonymization is copying the stabilization of the frame. In case your camera is moving, the anonymization region is moving with it, so your objects are still hidden!

To set the Anonymization region, go to Tracking log – Manage Annotation Configuration and edit the tracking log, where you want to apply the anonymization. Click to “Adds Anonymization Region defining area which should be anonymized.” And start creating polygon that you want to make blurry. You can set the Degree of blur in the Selected Annotation column. If you want to you can anonymize everything outside of the current view as well!

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