How to install the TrafficSurvey Viewer?

Step-by-step manual through the instalation of desktop application DataFromSky Viewer.

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DataFromSky Viewer is a professional desktop application used for the analysis of movements of objects within the video. This comprehensive license-free tool has been built since the year 2013 and has helped during a lot of research and commercial projects worldwide.

Thanks to DataFromSky Viewer you can set and manage your own scenarios, so you have full control over the data and outputs you are getting! Because DataFromSky Viewer is installed on your computer, you can analyze and export data and statistics offline at any time you want.  

To start the installation download the .exe file under this link

Once the file DataFromSkyViewer.exe has downloaded open it. The installation guide opens. Click the Next button and follow the instructions. Select the installation folder from your computer and click the Next button. Now select file types you want automatically open with DataFromSky Viewer. We do recommend you to choose both files (.tlg, .tlgx). Then press Install. Once the installation is done (within a minute), you should see the following message: "DataFromSky Viewer has been successfully installed." 

Click to Finish button and you are done with the Installation! DataFromSky Viewer can automatically detect the last available version of the software and offer you new updates for the installation to your computer.

Now you are ready to start with your analysis through DataFromSky Viewer! For more information about DataFromSky Viewer see this article. And another one for How to export data from DataFromSky Viewer in 5 minutes?

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us!

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