Property filters in FLOW Insights

Learn how to work with License Plate, Color and Category filters.

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In FLOW Insights, property filters select trajectories based on conditions regarding their properties - characteristics that are stable over tracking and don't change over time. (For example, if a cyclist dismounts while riding and becomes a pedestrian, his trajectory starts again with a new category.) You can drag any of them onto the canvas and connect them with other operators. You can also double-click their canvas representations to alter their settings.


This filter selects trajectories based on their categories. The filter's settings let you select which categories of objects you want to select.


You can filter vehicles by one or more of the colors shown in the picture below. Each tracked trajectory is assigned one prevalent color even if there are actually many colors on the corresponding traffic object.

License Plate 

With this operator, you can filter vehicles by license plates and do so by either blacklisting or whitelisting the entered license plates. If you select "matching" only the license plates that have been listed in the widget will be let through the filter. If you select "not matching" all the license plates that do not match with the entered license plates will be let through the filter. You can either input license plates manually or you can decide to import them from a TXT file. In the TXT file, you need to put each license plate on a new line. Read more about LPR in FLOW.

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