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DataFromSky ACADEMY Program
DataFromSky ACADEMY Program

Looking for a way to create high-quality research with the latest traffic analysis tools? Join our ACADEMY Program!

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DataFromSky as part of a lecture or research? Why not? DataFromSky is supporting researchers, lecturers, and students around the world. Are you working on your research and need access to a data collection tool or data samples? Are you a lecturer and looking for a modern and fun way of education? Are you a student thinking about using DataFromSky for your thesis? Then keep reading!

See the official Academy program page here:

Learning by doing has always been the best way how to improve your skills and thanks to our DataFromSky ACADEMY Program, researchers, lecturers, and students get access to the most advanced and trusted offline video-analytical tool used by leading civil engineering companies, research institutions, and universities such as COWI, Lousiana Transportation Research Center and Ryerson University!

Thanks to the concept of the Program, students and lecturers can go through the whole process of traffic data analysis: from choosing traffic issues, shooting the video, analyzing the data, and making conclusions based on data outputs.

Benefits for students and lecturers

  • Practical testing of modern AI-based methods for traffic data gathering

  • Visualization of a variety of traffic data

  • Interesting topics for theses 

Are you planning your research and looking for a suitable tool for it? Contact us! We provide you support during your project and ease the whole research for you.
Benefits for researchers - a unique data for traffic research:

  • Free video processing for research purposes 

  • Access to existing datasets

  • Closer collaboration on research projects

Join the ACADEMY Program

Help us to educate the new generation of Traffic Engineers and join our DataFromSky ACADEMY Program. Do not hesitate and Contact us to get more information about the DataFromSky ACADEMY Program and its benefits.

Still not sure? Check our research work!

The masterpiece in traffic data extraction from drones has been done by professor Geroliminis and Emmanouil (Manos) Barmpounakis from EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne). 100 busy intersections / 0.5 million of trajectories /  covered more than 1.3 km^2 / gathered by 10 drones flying simultaneously. Get more information about the project under this link.

Extraction of traffic data and deriving traffic parameters with extremely high accuracy was processed by Loughborough University London in a study called: Learning Control Policies of Driverless Vehicles from UAV Video Streams in Complex Urban Environments

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