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Open traffic dataset: Covid-19
Open traffic dataset: Covid-19

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There is no doubt that our transport behavior has changed rapidly during the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak. Many of us work from home, social distancing measures are in place and everyone is trying to hinder the spread of the virus. Together with our academic partners, we decided to initiate an open dataset documenting the altered human behavior while moving in public space, so that we can support the research once this crisis is over.

We appeal on all traffic researchers, engineers, and individuals to contribute to this initiative.  We are looking for recordings of traffic nodes and public spaces:

  • prior to the Covid-19 outbreak

  • while the social distancing measures are in place

  • after life returns to normal

Please make sure that the videos are acquired under comparable conditions. That includes the position of the camera and framing as well as the time of day etc.

We will make all the data collected under this initiative open (by joining you agree to make the footage and the corresponding analysis results public). We decided to donate our resources and tools to perform all the COVID dataset analyses free of charge. For more information on this initiative, please check our dedicated website.

OK, let’s get started:

Are you a researcher? We would be grateful for your input. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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