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WEBINAR #3 - Mastering 4 drones into a traffic study - a real life project in the city of Leeuwarden
WEBINAR #3 - Mastering 4 drones into a traffic study - a real life project in the city of Leeuwarden

This webinar discusses the benefits of TrafficSurvey using video analysis and then a guest presents details of their traffic study.

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Do you know that for most of history the main traffic measuring method was people watching the road and writing down on paper what passes by? Even today this method is used but much easier and innovative methods are replacing it. Imagine if you could track and record all of the objects passing through multiple junctions with video no matter their number and collect the exact trajectories. This type of advanced traffic data could be used in traffic capacity simulation and safety analysis and could also easily checked in retrospective. We came up with a solution that can do all of that. In 2013 we designed DataFromSky video analysis method for conducting TrafficSurveys based on trajectory driven design. This revolutionary new method was perfected to the point where we can gather data from multiple junctions over a large area with the help of drones which was never possible before. One such real-life example from the EU will be presented by our project partner from Roelofs in this webinar. The gathered traffic data can be viewed and analysed for vehicle counts, speeding and more in the TrafficViewer programme. Also the DataFromSky analyses have high precision of up to 30cm and 7,5 degrees.

For the Webinar timeline please go to the video description on VIMEO.

What will you learn in this webinar?

Firstly you will hear a brief history of traffic data measurement which will link into the new solution - DataFromSky using trajectory data which have high precision. Secondly, you will get familiar with how DataFromSky works and how it can make your traffic survey super easy to do. Lastly, the first section covers the Traffic Viewer programme and demonstration of how the gathered data can be further processed for count, speeding and other analyses.

Apart from details on how to work with DataFromSky TrafficSurvey, we will cover all the details of the project by Roelofs in Leeuwarden.

1. What was the project about and requirements of the city

2. How Roelofs prepared and executed the shooting with drones

3. How were all videos combined in one output

4. How was the data used in PTV Vissim for multiple traffic simulations

5. What were the outcomes of the project

Questions and Answers from the Webinar

1:03:04 Q1: Can you do real-time analysis?

A: Yes we can do real-time analysis with FLOW. We have multiple solutions for real-time processing. First is the TrafficCamera unit and second is the TrafficEmbedded which can manage up to 6 smart cameras (both of these use Edge computing). The last is the TrafficEnterprise which is server based solution and can be used for one traffic framework covering a large area. For more on FLOW and the products that run it see the introduction to FLOW webinar or the webinar summary.

1:03:38 Q2: What about privacy and GDPR?

A: All data is processed on the fly. We use Google cloud services are used -which have a strong privacy policy. Also the DataFromSky software has powerful anonymisation tools available. We also offer the option of on-premise installation of DataFromSky software if you would prefer that.

1:04:25 Q3: Are you open to cooperation on some research projects?

A: Yes we are! Our data is used in many research projects and we would love you to get in touch and tell us about your research. DataFromSky Academy programme has more than 20 partner universities. For more information on DataFromSky Academy programme, get in touch with Lenka on Linkedin. You give researchers, lecturers and students access to the most advanced and trusted offline video-analytical tool used by leading civil engineering companies, research institutions and universities such as COWI, Louisiana Transportation Research Center and Ryerson University!

You can read more about our research project collaborations here.


The methods for conducting traffic studies have changed a lot over time and now we embrace advanced trajectory based video analysis as the go to method. This is due to its data precision, scalability (large area, unlimited number of cars) and ease of data gathering. We have showed you the DataFromSky video analysis framework which uses this method for our TrafficSurvey offline video analysis product.

We have demonstrated how you can easily analyse the gathered TrafficSurvey data in TrafficViewer. We looked at car counts, speed detection and heatmaps. If you would like to read articles on how to use the DataFromSky TrafficViewer - check them out here. If you have already recorded a video that you would like to analyse, upload it here for free 5 minute long sample analysis (10x free samples per 24 hours maximum). In this webinar you have also heard about the real-life project in the city of Leeuwarden where DataFromSky analysed data from 1km long area with multiple junctions using drones which allowed Roelofs to create a solution for the city infrastructure redesign.


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