To start configuring the analytics in FLOW Insights we first need to add cameras. For that, we need to know their RTSP stream addresses. Every camera and analytics can be adjusted to fit the specific requirements of the given application. When adding a camera, you define the name and source of the RTSP stream. You can add a camera under Analytics by clicking on the empty camera/analytics slot and clicking on it. See the picture below.

Login credentials are included in the source address in the following format:


If you have a Point-and-zoom camera, you can connect FLOW to its OnVIF data stream. This way, FLOW will be able to recognize the current camera position and zoom settings - you can use this information to assure that the video stream is being analyzed only when the camera captures the correct scene. OnVIF source is entered in the following format:


To learn more about how to work with PTZ (OnVIF cameras) refer to the article Using FLOW with PTZ cameras.

After you have added a camera you can access its Analytics settings. These are individual for each camera.

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