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WEBINAR #5 - ParkingDetection in action
WEBINAR #5 - ParkingDetection in action

Learn about ParkingDetection, the subsidiary of DataFromSky and smart video analysis parking solutions.

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According to CarsGuide there are 1.4 billion cars in the world and the number of cars produced each year is around 100 million (Statista). Looking at this data, there is no wonder why parking is a big challenge for many modern cities. In our webinar, we explain the various types of parking detection systems and their advantages and disadvantages with a focus on camera detection systems and our ParkingDetection solution. To clarify, ParkingDetection is a DataFromSky solution and a platform that utilizes data sent from our FLOW devices using REST API. In the webinar, we also showcase some interesting functionalities such as a single camera detecting up to 100 parking spots, parking violation detection, or laneless parking detection. Learn more about how our parking solutions help cities and companies to become more efficient.

In this webinar, you can learn about:

1. Different types of parking monitoring and their advantages and disadvantages.

2. Insights about camera parking monitoring and a comparison between the entry/exit and wide-area monitoring methods.

3. Use-case examples of camera parking monitoring solutions and how the ParkingDetection CMS system works.

Questions and Answers

35:30 Q1: Can your system recognize license plates?

A: Yes, you can have LP detection at entrances and exits.

36:30 Q2: What type of camera do you need for your system?

A: Standart IP camera. The settings and positioning of the camera are important as well as good night vision, especially if the scene is poorly illuminated.

36:53 Q3: What if there is no permanent power supply on the location?

A: If the camera is installed on light poles, then you can get power only during the night, but during the day the system can easily work using batteries that get charged overnight. We also offer solar-charged battery packs.


The high-quality detection of Parking Detection is ensured with our FLOW analytics that provide data to the ParkingDetection platform using API. FLOW is a universal solution allowing you to detect almost anything you need from real-time video streams. It can be used not only for parking but also for traffic, retail, and security. It powers detection in single smart TrafficCameras, local TrafficEmbedded units supporting up to 6 cameras or any number of cameras with the centralized TrafficEnteprise which is capable of utilizing existing camera infrastructure.

In this webinar, you have learned about the different types of parking detection including magnetic sensors, IR sensors, ultrasonic sensors, and cameras. Then we compared the entry/exit detection with the wide-area detection method. Last we looked at specific use-cases of real-life installations of Parking detection and how they are integrated with CMS of ParkingDetection. We hope you liked it!


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Thank you for watching and we are looking forward to seeing you soon again!

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