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How to connect to your device with FLOW Insights
How to connect to your device with FLOW Insights

Step by step guide on how to connect your device to FLOW Insights.

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Have you received your FLOW device? Are you trying to figure out how to connect to it and start working? This article will walk you through the necessary steps.

Quick set-up

Here are the steps to take to access your device with FLOW Insights.

  1. Download the FLOW Insights desktop application and install it on your computer. Currently, the app is only supported by the 64-bit Windows platform. Contact us for custom OS versions.

  2. Make your FLOW device accessible via network and find out its IP address. Also make sure the following ports are accessible on the device:
    — 8088 and 5556 on all devices

  3. Run FLOW Insights and log in with the username admin and password admin.

  4. Connect to the device using its IP address (FLOW knows what port to connect to), alternatively, you can enter the IP address with the port number in the format: xx.xx.xx.xx:8088 (for all devices add the port number 8088 at the end)

  5. Design any sensor you need! Watch video guides for specific use cases or read function-specific articles in our Help Center.

See Advanced connection options for more details and options for less traditional setups.

Supported devices

FLOW is compatible with a range of devices including:

Each device is custom-built for your specific needs. Choose your desired processing power, number of supported cameras, power source, connectivity, and much more! Get a price quote on the respective product pages.

Advanced connection options

A FLOW device opens two ports that FLOW Insights needs to connect to:

  • 5556—for receiving image data

  • 8088—for receiving trajectory data and making API calls to your device

Note that is it possible to connect to multiple FLOW devices with single IP using port forwarding. It is necessary to specify two ports when accessing the devices this way, the FLOW Block - 8088 (for transfer of traffic data) and FLOW Node - 5556 (for image data transfer). When logging into the device in FLOW Insights, type your IP address and ports in the following format [IP]:[PORT BLOCK]:[PORT NODE] as shown in the example below. To learn more about ports read this article.

In step 4 of the Quick set-up, when you enter an IP address, by default FLOW Insights tries to connect to the device's ports 8088 and 5556. It's possible you have a custom setup that requires Insights to connect to different ports. In this case you can specify them in the format IP_ADDRESS:TRAJECTORY_DATA_PORT:IMAGE_DATA_PORT. The ports are optional. Some examples:

  •—connect to the IP address, default trajectory data port 8088, and default image data port 5556

  •—connect to the IP address, custom trajectory data port 8088, and default image data port 5556

  •—connect to the IP address, custom trajectory data port 8088, and custom image data port 5500

You can learn more about the different

We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us!

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