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FLOW 1.10 - Massive feature bundle - LPR, SDLC, better processing, and more
FLOW 1.10 - Massive feature bundle - LPR, SDLC, better processing, and more

Learn about the improvements in FLOW 1.10 such as license plate reading, improved FLOW processing power, porting on AXIS and SDLC support.

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The new FLOW version is here. 1.10 brings many improvements such as massive improvement in analytics processing capability, AXIS DLPU compatibility

as well as long-awaited features like License plate reading or analytics configuration exports. This update gives you a better bang for your buck thanks to the FLOW video analytics now being able to process 2x more streams on some devices and do so in better quality. For the full list of changes see the CHANGELOG.

Improved video analytics engine

TrafficEmbedded and TrafficEnterprise with 1.10 can now handle up to 3 times the number of cameras with the same quality as in FLOW 1.9 See the following graph for the differences between FLOW video detection in 1.9 and 1.10 Below you can see how the performance improved between the different devices. On the top in dark blue, there are FPS values for 1.10 and below in light blue are the values for FLOW 1.9.

Automatic license plate recognition (ANPR, LPR, NPR, ALPR)

TrafficEmbedded and TrafficEnterprise now have built-in License plate reading. The currently supported license plates include all of the European countries. Support for more LP formats will be added over time. A new operator has also been added to include/exclude specific License Plates.

Automated license plate reading (ALPR or also called LPR or ANPR) in FLOW can allow you to identify which vehicles, when, and where violated traffic rules and communicate this information further. Thanks to trajectory data FLOW is uniquely equipped with wrong-way driving detection, illegal lane change, and u-turn detection that are impossible to detect with most systems. If a license plate is detected at any point in the trajectory journey it is assigned to it and its respective object. FLOW is also quite flexible in terms of the angle at which it is able to read the license plate. As you can see in the GIF below the LP is detected even with the license plate being only a few pixels and the LP detection stays on the car even when it is no longer readable!

AXIS camera compatibility

FLOW is available on many devices among them is also the Azena platform which supports a variety of cameras. With version 1.10 we ported FLOW framework on AXIS HW.

All FLOW applications in the ACAP version are compatible with AXIS cameras equipped with DLPU, namely Q1615-LE Mk III and AXIS Q1615 Mk III. If you would like to try our application on AXIS cameras please get in touch and we will gladly assist you.

SDLC interface compatibility

SDLC is now supported allowing traffic controller integration. Using FLOW camera detection with SDLC can replace intrusive methods such as induction loops and provide many detection capabilities for a lower price. Better detection range and pedestrian detection allowing to take pedestrian and bicycle presence into account for more complex traffic control conditioning. To learn more about adaptive traffic management solutions click here or on the picture below.

Other changes

Other changes worth mentioning are also the new advanced diagnostics options that allow you to monitor the analytics even more closely now being able to monitor how the communication and processing of the different FLOW system parts are working.

Also now you are able to easily export/import for the FLOW analytics set up from the Settings section. A full guide on exporting and importing can be found here.


We are continuously developing and improving FLOW. To see the list of FLOW versions released so far you can see it here. What do you think about the new functionalities? What features would you like to see next? Let us know in the chat through the icon on the bottom right or contact us at The next big functionality coming in the FLOW 1.11 is adaptive anonymization. Make sure to follow us on Linkedin for updates. You can download the latest version of FLOW Insights demokit here.

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