Both TrafficSurvey and FLOW have license plate reading functionality and their LPR capabilities have a couple of things in common. One of the commonalities is that once a license plate has been read it is associated with the trajectory for its whole duration meaning you can tell what is the license plate of a car even though its LP is no longer visible in the camera view. License plate reading must be done from light views from cameras ideally in 9-15 meter height so that the camera can see the license plate well. Both FLOW and TrafficSurvey engines are quite flexible in terms of the angle at which it is able to read the license plate. As you can see in the GIF below


FLOW uses a different engine from TrafficSurvey. FLOW for TrafficEmbedded and TrafficEnterprise have a built-in LPR that is able to recognize all European and some Europe-similar license plates. We are flexible in terms of product development and we offer to train our neural networks and add license plate reading support for a given country based on your request. It would also be possible for example to read numbers on trains or shipping containers if you would like this feature implemented. FLOW also has advanced functions that allow the creation of license plate whitelists and blacklists for example for finding lost vehicles or limiting access to a parking lot for residents only.


TrafficSurvey supports the following countries. Number plate reading from TrafficSurvey is currently supported in 16 countries/regions, namely:

If the video originates from a country not included in this list, it may not necessarily mean that the number plate detection will not function. It is still possible to acquire high-quality results, especially when number plates within the analyzed video are visually similar to number plates from some of the supported regions. Get in touch with us if your country is not on a list to arrange a test. To offer higher privacy protection in regards to GDPR TrafficSurvey also allows irreversible License Plate Number hashing.

How to make a suitable video for License Plate recognition?

Here are general guidelines applicable for both FLOW and TrafficSurvey to ensure high reliability of the number plate detection:

  • Good enough resolution specifically the height of the letters and signs on the license plates should be at least 18 pixels in order to read the license plate reliably

  • Use High-quality video output (FullHD or 4K)

  • Number plates must not be blurred and must be easily readable and visible to the naked eye

  • Number plates must not be overexposed (with too much light) or underexposed

  • Number plates must not be deformed (for example by interleaving or by the rolling shutter effect)

Example picture where LPR is possible. Ideally, the camera should be higher than this.

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