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FLOW 1.11 - Ultimate anonymization and section speed
FLOW 1.11 - Ultimate anonymization and section speed

FLOW 1.11 brings next level anonymization functionality with extensive customization, speed section and presentation mode

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Another version of FLOW is here! 1.11 update brings a very important and unique functionality improving the privacy of the people that are detected with our analytics allowing them to stay anonymous while maintaining full functionality of our video analytics. What is even better is that you are also able to stream the anonymized video from FLOW further. Another great new feature is the section speed measurement which is a new method of speed measurement that is very easy to set up. These are the main changes in FLOW 1.11 and they will be described in more detail in this article. For the full list of changes see the CHANGELOG.

Dynamic and static anonymization

We have heard your requests to make the analytics more privacy and GDPR friendly and in response, we have added anonymization with a range of functions allowing you to highly customize it to your liking. Each analytics has its own anonymization settings. You can find the anonymization settings under the Analytics settings. Our anonymization is split into two types:

  • Static anonymization - permanent blurring of defined zones

  • Dynamic anonymization - based on the content

Static anonymization allows you to create zones in the Analytics view which are either covered in solid color, pixelized, or blurred. It is important to note that if you overlap two or more anonymization areas the stronger anonymization will be applied. In the picture above you can see an example of static anonymization where we are using an anonymization zone to pixelize everything on the other side of the road as with this camera we are only interested in monitoring traffic and the number of people on the tram stop.

Dynamic anonymization anonymizes only parts of the image based on content. Dynamic anonymization can target the faces of people and car license plates and blur them using the same settings as static anonymization. This is a very powerful tool that allows you to see everything important that is happening in the footage while maintaining people’s privacy. In the picture above you can see level 5 Gaussian blur dynamic anonymization and below dynamic anonymization set up.

Streaming of anonymized video

Not only that you can anonymize the video you are also able to stream this anonymized video to where you need it. Currently, the supported format for the anonymized video stream is Motion JPEG (MJPEG for short). Below you can see how the stream can be set up.

Section speed

Section speed is a new super-fast way to set up speed measuring. All you need is 2 gates, movement between them and to enter the distance between the 2 gates into the movement and you are able to get speed in a specific road section. Note that section speed is represented as a separate attribute of the object, thus you can filter based on it or generate events. Section speed also has its own column in the table widget. Watch the GIF below to see how you can set up the section speed.

Note: Using google maps you can find your camera location and use the measure distance feature to roughly pinpoint the distance between the gates.

Presentation mode

To help our partners present FLOW we have also created the presentation mode that allows them to set up a repeating slideshow from within FLOW insights where they can select what analytics is being shown and whether the video or the dashboard is being shown and how long it is displayed before moving on to the next slide. This feature includes the option to add your own PNG overlays over the FLOW so you can add graphics for example to highlight some functionalities or comment on what is being shown in the video. Currently, this feature is only available for technology partners and will be made more widely available in the coming versions. Below you can see an example showing the presentation mode setup menu.

Other changes

Another change worth mentioning is the addition of another I/O interface type - Quido ETH 8/8. Also a new flag value “detection confidence” is now available allowing you to peek into the AI detection and see how confident the AI is about the classification of the object into the assigned category.


We are dedicated to continually improving FLOW. To see the list of FLOW versions released click here. What do you think about the new functionalities? What features would you like to see next? Let us know in the chat through the icon on the bottom right or contact us at Make sure to follow us on Linkedin for updates. You can download the latest version of FLOW Insights demokit here.

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