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FLOW on AXIS smart cameras—obtaining license and installation (free trial included)
FLOW on AXIS smart cameras—obtaining license and installation (free trial included)

Learn how to leverage AXIS smart cameras for your traffic analysis needs.

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The power of FLOW lies in its ability to run entirely on smart cameras, without requiring any embedded unit or servers to do detection and calculations. AXIS cameras are one of those that are capable of running FLOW—it's even featured among the AXIS partner applications. This article takes a look at how to obtain a free trial or full license for the FLOW Traffic app, how to install it on your camera, and how to activate the license. The list of the supported cameras and the link for downloading the respective FLOW BLOCK versions can be found here. Currently supported models include ARTPEC-7: Q1615 Mk III

ARTPEC-8: Q1656 and P1465-LE. Recommended minimum AXIS firmware version is 11.4.63.

Obtaining the license

You can obtain a 30-day free trial license by yourself at AXIS' License key registration page. To do this, you need to know your camera's serial number. One way to find it is by following the instructions for installing the FLOW Traffic app. Then you'll see the serial number on the app's page. See the video at the end of this article for more details.

If you're interested in a full license or just a price quote, contact us.

Obtaining and installing the FLOW Traffic app

Download the correct version of the .eap package here and move it to a computer that can connect to the camera. Once you have it, use your internet browser to log in to your camera. Then follow these steps:

  1. Expand the bottom toolbar

  2. Select the Apps tab

  3. Select Add

  4. Browse for the FLOW Traffic .eap package and select Install

  5. Once the installation is done, select the FLOW Traffic app

  6. You may start the app. However, until you activate the license, the app won't detect any traffic objects.

Activating the license

If the computer you used to log in to the camera is connected to the internet, the simplest way to activate the license is to enter it in the Automatic license text area and select Install.

Otherwise, use a computer connected to the internet to go to AXIS' License key registration page and follow the instructions there to use your license code to obtain a license key file. Transfer this file (e.g. with a memory stick) to the computer connected to the camera, select the FLOW Traffic app and then the Select and install license key button. Browse for the key file, wait for the activation and you're done!

If you're having trouble with activating the license, check out this video. Automatic license activation is covered from the 0:10 mark, while generating key files is covered from the 0:42 mark.

Using FLOW

Once your app is installed and running, download FLOW Insights, our client application, install and run it on a Windows computer, connect to the camera's IP address and you can start working!

Need further clarification or help? Click the button on the bottom right to chat with us or contact us here. We're happy to help!

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