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FLOW on Azena smart cameras—obtaining license and installation
FLOW on Azena smart cameras—obtaining license and installation

Learn how to leverage Azena smart cameras for your traffic analysis needs.

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The power of FLOW lies in its ability to run entirely on smart cameras, without requiring any embedded unit or servers to do detection and calculations. Azena cameras are one of those that are capable of running FLOW and installing it on them is quite easy.

Getting FLOW on your own camera

If you have your own camera, find our apps on the Azena application store and pick the one that suits you the most. Scroll to the bottom of the app's page to see its pricing and get a trial or a full license. Once you have that, you'll see your FLOW app in Azena's Device Management section.

Now you can install the app on your camera. See Azena store's help section on how to do that for online cameras or local cameras.

Before running the app, we recommend installing the newest firmware on your camera. It may significantly boost its performance.

Obtaining a camera with a preinstalled app

DataFromSky also offers smart cameras with preinstalled apps set up for your exact needs. All you have to do in this case is create a company account on the Azena store and send us your Company ID. We'll transfer ownership of the purchased camera to you before we ship it. Contact us for more information.

Using FLOW

Once the app is installed and running, download FLOW Insights, our client application, install and run it on a Windows computer, connect to the camera's IP address and you can start working!

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