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FLOW 1.15 - Favorite devices list, autosave, Animal, Van category and more
FLOW 1.15 - Favorite devices list, autosave, Animal, Van category and more

Summary of changes in FLOW 1.15 - new categories, favorite devices list, autosave and other data safety features and more.

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FLOW 1.15 is here and with it, even more, ways to make your traffic data gathering easier, the data more detailed and in doing so, make your customers happier. So what is new in FLOW 1.15? Additional categories, device management features, autosave, autorecovery and autoreboot, scriptable data types, and more. Read on to learn about all of these new features in more detail.

New categories - Animal and Van

As we have teased and promised we are adding additional categories, starting with Animal which is a category that currently includes bigger four-legged animals like dogs and cats. The Van category has been added to further clarify the classification of larger vehicles that are now sorted into the van, light vehicle, heavy vehicle, and bus categories. As usual, you can filter the objects from these using the category filter or you can visualize only these categories using the trajectory visualization filter in the live view.

FLOW favorite devices list and device management

In FLOW 1.15 you can add your favorite devices to a special FLOW favorite devices list accessible from the FLOW main menu (middle panel). The list gives you different filtering types to find the device you are looking for, by device type, and device name, therefore, you don't have to remember their IP addresses which can be challenging sometimes, especially when working with many devices at once. You can now even save the login details of the device which then allows a super fast login in 3x ways. You can fast login by double-clicking on the device in the favorites list, by using the keyboard shortcut (needs to be defined per device) or by clicking on the autosuggest option inside the login field once you have started filling in the device name or IP address. You can learn more about it in this article.

New scriptable data types and widgets

The scripting capabilities of FLOW have been significantly expanded thanks to the newly added scriptable widgets. Now it is possible to script the content of the table, distribution, string value, and statistical value widgets. These can link to data from other widgets including the scriptable widgets, but can also be part of output interfaces, etc… The scripting language used is Javascript and thanks to its full support it is possible to add any function for data processing as well as the presentation and sharing of outputs. Any FLOW device will then allow you to further analyze the extracted traffic data using your own scripts and expressions.

Autorecover, Autosave and Autoreboot

To ensure the high reliability of the FLOW devices, we have introduced multiple features to make sure you are gathering as much data in the best quality possible at all times. Autorecover functionality helps to make sure video data is being received and processed, fighting communication issues as well as errors on the NODE level. Autosave protects gathered data (for widgets and sinks supporting history) saving data at the specified intervals and lastly, Autoreboot allows you to set up regular restarts of the device which can help to automatically recover from unexpected HW/SW errors. You can learn more about these features here.

Other changes

Webhook-sending policies can now be more customized allowing you to control when the webhook sends the data. You can set it to be sent in specific intervals, on widget change and a combination of both “on widget change or at least every X minutes”. Thanks to this, you can easily connect FLOW devices with other systems and better control the communication to your smart city platform or other data-gathering systems.

New languages have been added to FLOW - Portuguese (Brazilian) and Romanian (Moldavian). Live view can now also be shown on the dashboard (as seen in the scripting GIF above) with your pre-defined settings - allowing you to change what is being visualized from the flag display settings options as well as the FPS, image scale, and JPEG compression rate.

The complete log of changes for FLOW 1.15 and previous versions can be found here.


In this article, you have learned about many new functionalities and features of FLOW 1.15. Additional categories allow for more detailed analyses and device management for a better experience of managing and using your FLOW devices. 3x data gathering safety features as well as the newly added Scriptable data types and widgets. We hope you like these changes! If you have any questions you can use the button on the bottom right to get in touch with us or you can email us at

Download the latest version of FLOW Insights .exe here or the portable version .zip here.

You can find the full FLOW Changelog here.

Let the traffic flow with FLOW!

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