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How to Pause and Resume the processing of pending tasks
How to Pause and Resume the processing of pending tasks

Can I pause the analysis of pending tasks? Yes you can! Learn more in the short guide below.

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Imagine you uploaded too many videos and some of them started processing. However, these are not the videos you need to get analyzed first so you can stop the tasks with lower priority to help analyze your other tasks faster. Another example when pausing might be if you uploaded something by accident and you don't want to process it, you can pause and delete the video to prevent it from processing.

How to Pause task analysis

To do this hover over the task in the pending tasks section and click on the pause button. Please note that by pausing the task you will lose some progress depending on the “stage” of processing the task was currently in. For most tasks, there are 6x stages so you will lose no more than 20% progress when you pause the video processing at any given time.

What happens to the credits when you pause the task? Pausing the task will not return the credits automatically, neither will deleting the task return the credits. To arrange a credit return contact us using the live chat or at

How to Resume task analysis

This feature allows you to resume paused tasks. Click the “play” button to resume processing. This will resume processing of the task from the last completed “stage” of analysis.

Don't hesitate to contact us using the live chat button on the bottom right or contact us at if you have any questions.

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