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How to get push notifications about analytics processing state
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To get push notifications about the analytics processing state add a webhook and include a widget for processing state with a fixed period or on status change.

See in the image below for an example processing state push notification setup

Example push notification of the analytics processing state:

"analytic_id": 0,
"block_name": "K10_RCE",
"cube_id": 2,
"data": {
"data_validity": "ok",
"evaluation_validity": "ok",
"last_reset_time": "1695038364800",
"object_count": 0,
"string_value": "idle"
"data_end_timestamp": "1695038364800",
"data_start_timestamp": "1695038364800",
"id": 12,
"name": "Processing state",
"operator_attribute": "processing_state",
"output_type": "widget",
"output_value_type": "string_value"

The string value can have two values: processing or idle.

To learn how to configure visibility detection head over to this article.

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