The PAT section is all about timing. You would be amazed at how fast your scores will increase if you utilize your time more efficiently. So how do we do that?

Well, to start the biggest mistake students make is not realizing which sections they are struggling the most in. Fortunately, our practise tests have built-in time tracking features. Using this tool, you can quickly find out which sections you spend the most amount of time on. For example (Image from PATBooster as an example):

As you can see in the image above, this student struggled the most with Pattern-Folding, Top-Front-End, and Keyholes. Based on this, it would be wise for the student to spend the most time on these sections. 

Remember, the PAT is all about scoring the most number of points as you can within 60 minutes. The best way to do that is by blazing through the easy sections and saving most of your time for the more difficult ones. 

I've seen scores improve dramatically in less than a week by students who simply implemented this efficient time allotment strategy. I hope it will also help you!

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