Your exam is quickly approaching and you want to focus on the questions you aren't getting. Ever been in that position?

At DATBooster, we are always trying to innovate and find ways to help boost your test scores. This is why we have created an innovative learning system called the "Mark-Learning" system. It's sort of like a flashcard system where you can pull tough questions you aren't getting and review them for later. Let me walk through you this.

1. You can mark any question you found difficult during a practice test:

2. All of these Marked questions get pooled together by topic on the Marked Questions page. You can review questions within a topic by clicking the "Start Review" button:

3. Now, this is where it gets cool! Here you can try the question again and then tag it as either "Learning" or "Reviewed". This is super helpful when you want to focus on your weaknesses, especially right before you DAT.

This is super useful during crunch time when you want to focus on the questions you had trouble with. It's sort of like an efficient flashcard system to help you boost your DAT scores. 😊

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