Believe it or not, the Top-Front-End section is the one section students struggle with the most. Fortunately, there is a way to improve your scores.

  1. To start, there is one PATBooster video that highlights how you should approach all Top-Front-End questions (Watch from 3:05s mark).

2. After reviewing that video, we want you to revisit an older PATBooster practice test that you completed and try solving those Top-Front-End questions again WITHOUT looking at the solution or answer. If you get a question incorrect, keep trying to solve it without timing yourself (it doesn't matter if it will take you 1 hour for each question). The key here is to be able to derive the answer on your own.

Do this until you solve every Top-Front-End question within that practice test on your own without looking at the solution or answer. If you do this, you'll start seeing your Top-Front-End scores go up. We call this the "Booster Review" Technique. In fact, each time you do this, your scores for the Top-Front-End section will go up. 😊

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