Many computers have a web browser or other program set as the default program to open SVG files, so the file type may be incorrectly listed within your downloaded folder. Other computers don't know how to correctly identify DXF files. Your computer may incorrectly list HTML, Chrome, or another web browser or program as the file's type. The best way to see the actual file types is to make sure your file extensions are showing. Most computers will have file extensions hidden by default. You can show them by following the instructions linked below.

Once you have the file extensions visible, you should look for the file with a name that ends in .svg, .png, or .dxf under the Name column.

If you are still having trouble identifying which file you need to use, please contact us with a screen grab of what you see in the folder and what type of cutting machine you use and we can help you identify which is the correct file for your machine.

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