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Out-of-band access to your DE-CIX colocated equipment
Out-of-band access to your DE-CIX colocated equipment

OOB Colocation

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Out-of-band access for DE-CIX Frankfurt

Out-of-band access is only possible for DE-CIX Frankfurt colocation customers.

Terminal server overview

The following terminal servers exist:


Data center

Terminal server


Interxion FRA1


Interxion FRA4


Interxion FRA4


Equinix FR7


Interxion FRA5

Login procedure

oob10, oob22, oob23, oob30 and

You can use ssh to connect in-band to the terminal server or use an analog modem to connect out-of band. Please use your web-account (just asnumber or full username) to authenticate against the oob-device:

~$ ssh

You will then get a menu prompt with all the associated ports you have access to.

To speed it up, you can add your port alias to your username when logging in. Your port alias is the concatenation of the oob-device number (10, 22, 23, 30 or 60) and your physical port (01-48). For oob10, your physical port has to be written with an additional (!) leading zero โ†’ 001 - 048. When connecting to the device, separate your port alias with ':' from your username.

Example to access port 42 on oob22 directly:

~$ ssh

Example to access port 01 on oob10 directly:

~$ ssh 

You will then be prompted for your password:

Type the hot key to suspend the connection: <CTRL>Z
Enter when prompted the password you have with your web account.
Then you will see the prompt of your equipment.
To log off press CTRL-Z twice and type 'exit<ENTER>'.
If you want to send the Break-Signal to the box press CTRL-L.

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