Get your port up and running - fiber patch

How to start with peering

Written by DE-CIX Consulting Team
Updated over a week ago

After the contract to join DE-CIX is signed, you will get an email from the DE-CIX support team. The support team takes care of arranging the fiber patch from the DE-CIX peering access switch to your:

  • Router/switch (if you have equipment on-site in one of our data centers)

  • Backhaul carrier port (if you peer remotely and a carrier extends the link to you)

  • Reseller-VLAN (if you ordered via a DE-CIX reseller; in this case there is no patch necessary)

The support team will lead you through all the necessary steps to get your service up and running. This includes a working and tested Layer 2 connection to the productive

peering VLAN and delivers a Layer 3 IPv4 and IPv6 address to you.

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