Configure your route server peering

How to start with peering

Written by DE-CIX Consulting Team
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Once your port is up and running, it´s time to configure the route server peering. DE-CIX operates two route servers for IPv4 and two for IPv6 on all its IXPs (always two at a time for redundancy).

The route server gives you a large number of automatic peering sessions with many other operators who also peer via the route server.

This means that you get dozens or even hundreds of peerings, simply by configuring two IPv4 and two IPv6 route server sessions.

The DE-CIX support team will give you instructions on how to set up the route server peering. In addition, you will find a route server guide when you log into the DE-CIX

customer portal on our website (Documentation/Route Server Guide). You also find the routeserver information via

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