How to carefully start peering traffic

How to start with peering

Written by DE-CIX Consulting Team
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In case you are unsure about the shift of traffic, do not initially enable your route server peering during your peak-traffic times. The route server can switch over a large traffic load, and you should keep an eye on the impact to your backhaul ensure that your port bandwidth is high enough.

Keep an eye on the traffic development on the nextfollowing peak hours as the safe-start turnup in off-peak hours does not tell you about the uptake during peak hours.

Also, you should expect a huge number of incoming prefixes (which enables your outbound traffic to flow via peering), which could be up to or even include more than 200,000 prefixes via IPv4 and 50,000 prefixes via IPv6.

For your inbound traffic you can decide to start carefully by not putting all your prefixes onto the routeserver in step 1 but start with some anchor networks where you can see the results and go for all of your and your customers prefixes then in step 2.

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