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Verify settings: route server, routing databases and PeeringDB
Verify settings: route server, routing databases and PeeringDB

How to start with peering

Written by DE-CIX Consulting Team
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For safety and protection reasons, the route server automatically filters against IRR databases like e.g.: RIPE, ARIN, AFRINIC, APNIC or the Merit RADb (, all public registries of network routing information. These databases include information on allowed routing for each used IP prefix.

Please check your own entry in the DE-CIX looking glass. If the DE-CIX route server rejects a prefix you announce you can always see the reason for rejection.

The link to all the DE-CIX looking glasses is:

Please verify both IPv4 and IPv6. If you see that the route server has fewer prefixes than you advertise, please correct the errors or the missing route objects of your prefixes. Please also check if your BGP downstream customers have incorrect or missing prefixes.

DE-CIX strongly recommends listing your network on PeeringDB ( especially if you want to establish direct peerings with other networks.

For information on how to set filters correctly you can also find valuable information on

If you need help with your PeeringDB entry setup, please contact

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