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New DE-CIX ticket system: Jira Service Desk
New DE-CIX ticket system: Jira Service Desk
Written by DE-CIX Consulting Team
Updated over a week ago

In November 2020, DE-CIX has introduced a new ticket system for customer service requests.

All existing requests were migrated into the new system. You will see that your requests have been migrated when you receive the next update from us. The update will be in the style of our new system and will have a different ticket number (old: [DE-CIX-RT-$Number], new: [DXCS-$Number]).

To log into the Jira Service Desk portal at, you can use your existing DE-CIX customer portal account credentials. If you prefer, you can still email us to open new requests.

Benefits of using the Jira Service Desk

With the Jira Service Desk, you can

  • create new requests or view existing ones without the need to email or phone us,

  • share your requests with colleagues to collaborate on them jointly or raise awareness,

  • get a lot more details about your requests than before,

  • get a clear picture of your ticket's status,

  • set the urgency of your requests when opening a new ticket, and

  • show your satisfaction by rating the DE-CIX Customer Service performance after a case has been resolved. We are looking forward to receiving your feedback!

In every update you receive from us, there will be a link included as an option to view your request in the Jira Service Desk portal.

Jira Service Desk portal FAQs

Can I still send emails to request support?

Yes, you can still request support via email or phone. In addition, you can request support in our new ticket system portal.

How can I request support in the new ticket system portal?

Go to and log in with your existing DE-CIX customer portal account credentials. There you can open new tickets or edit and close existing ones.

Do I need to change anything in my systems?

If you filter incoming emails in regards to our old ticket-ID (e.g. [DE-CIX-RT-1234]) you might want to adjust your filter (new e.g.: [DXCS-1234]). Otherwise, there is no change needed on your side.

Does the change have any impact on my open tickets with the DE-CIX Customer Service?

No, your open tickets were migrated into our new ticket system with a new ticket ID. We will provide the new ID with the first response you receive from us from the new system.

Do I need a new account to log in to the new system?

No, you can use your existing DE-CIX customer portal account credentials to log in to the new ticket system.

What is my DE-CIX customer portal username?

Your DE-CIX account username is created in regards to your autonomous system number. For example, if the ASN is 6695, the first user account created for this company is: "as6695".

This will be the administrative account for this company. Any colleagues which are created by you or by us after the administrative account has been created, will look like this: as6695.$first_letter_of_prename_lastname, e.g. as6695.mmueller (account for "Max Mueller").

Admin users can use the co-worker function in the DE-CIX customer portal to set up accounts for their colleagues at any time.

How can I change the language in the new ticket system portal?

In the upper right corner of the Jira Service Desk portal, click on your user icon and chose “Profile”. In the window that opens, click on “Edit your profile”. There you can change your default language in the preference settings, add an avatar picture, or change the time zone.

With the change to Jira Service Desk, will my data be saved in the cloud?

No, the new ticket system is run on our own servers (Jira Service Desk – Server Edition).

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