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DE-CIX has several mailing lists. Some are mandatory, meaning that at least one email address of your company will be subscribed to this list if you are peering at DE-CIX; the others are not mandatory but contain useful information so that we recommend subscribing to them. Below you can find the description for every list and decide which ones you want to subscribe to.

To subscribe to or unsubscribe from a DE-CIX mailing lists please go to our sympa mailing list server.

Please note: Each DE-CIX location has its own announce, tech, and peering contact mailing lists; e.g. for Frankfurt: ,

Content of all lists is confidential to the subscribers!
โ€‹Netiquette for all lists: No auto responders! If it is not possible to deactivate the autoreply, please give us a different email address we can use instead.

Announce mailing list (mandatory)

Maintenance announcements, mandatory subscription. Subscribe here.

Tech mailing list

Discussions about technical topics and peer to peer communication like upcoming customer maintenances, both DE-CIX and DE-CIX customers can post, not mandatory. Please note: Senders who include the list in emails intended for other customers will be blocked from posting to the list. Subscribe here.

DE-CIX Academy

Announcements of upcoming DE-CIX Academy webinars and other events. Subscribe here.

Besides the sympa mailing lists, we recommend subscribing to the following lists:

DE-CIX monthly newsletter

Important technological developments, the DE-CIX interconnection platforms worldwide, new customers, services, or employees, past and upcoming events, and additional DE-CIX-related topics. Subscribe here.

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