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Shipping information for DE-CIX Frankfurt
Shipping information for DE-CIX Frankfurt
Written by DE-CIX Consulting Team
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  • All shipments have to be announced!

  • Make sure that the sender is clearly labeled on each package.

Please read the information below carefully:

DE-CIX Frankfurt colocation customers should ship equipment destined for their colocation space to:


your company name @ DE-CIX colocation
c/o Interxion Deutschland GmbH
Hanauer Landstr. 322
60314 Frankfurt


DE-CIX FRA3 (Equinix FR7)
your company name @ DE-CIX colocation
c/o Equinix Deutschland GmbH
Gutleutstr. 310
60327 Frankfurt

If shipping to our Interxion sites, please use the delivery announcement form to announce the shipment; otherwise, please inform your shipment to in advance.

  • Interxion will reject all deliveries not following this procedure.

For international shipping from outside the EU, our customs number is DE6093469.
Please note that for deliveries from customers outside of the EU, the customer must pay all customs fees, duties, and import taxes.

Please check with your delivery company if in doubt.


Please note that we do not ship customer equipment back.

You must arrange a pickup if you want to return your equipment from the colocation.

The data centers do not provide packaging, so your pickup service must bring packaging material.

DE-CIX is present in the following buildings:

Interxion FRA1 (DE-CIX FRA1)

Interxion FRA4 (DE-CIX FRA2)

Interxion FRA5 (DE-CIX FRA6)

Equinix FR7 (DE-CIX FRA3)

Building addresses

FRA1 Hanauer Landstr. 322
FRA2 Hanauer Landstr. 304
FRA3 Weismueller Str. 21-23
FRA4 Weismueller Str. 19
FRA5 Hanauer Landstr. 308A
FRA6 Hanauer Landstr. 300A
FRA7 Hanauer Landstr. 296A
FRA8 Weismueller Str. 36
FRA9 Weismuellerstr. 25-27
FRA10 Weismuellerstr. 38
FRA11 Weismuellerstr. 40
FRA12 Weismuellerstr. 29-31
FRA13 Weismuellerstr. 42

FRA14 Weismuellerstr. 34

FRA15 Weismuellerstr. 1

Equinix FR7 (DE-CIX FRA3)

Building J/K Gutleutstr. 310

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