User Account Structure
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To access the new DE-CIX portal you need an account, with a username and a password. There are several access levels and flags an account can have, these are explained below.

All usernames start with the customers Autonomous System Number (AS number), then follows a dot, and then an identifier. Please note that all accounts should be personal accounts, we strongly discourage group accounts shared by multiple users. Please note that usernames are case sensitive!

Customer Administrator

This type of account is created by our customer service team as part of the onboarding process of new customers. Each customer must have at least one customer administrator. Multiple accounts with customer administrator rights are possible.

A customer administrator can, in addition to the normal customer rights for users of the same customer:

  • add, edit or delete user accounts

  • grant privileges to user accounts

OOB access

This flag grants a user access to our out-of-band management system if you are a colocation customer.

Adding new users

If you are a customer administrator, you can add/edit/delete co-workers using the "Coworkers" menu item in the "Account" drop down menu. The following video explains the procedure:

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