Create a CloudROUTER
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DE-CIX Cloud ROUTER can be managed under the Services tab.

To create a new Cloud ROUTER, press the “Add Services” button and choose “Add Cloud ROUTER.”

Choose a descriptive name for your Cloud ROUTER, ASN, Location (metro area), Bandwidth, and the Autonomous System Number for the desired Cloud ROUTER.

Click on your desired contract duration, then on “Next.”

Complete your order, double-check the order summary, and check SLA and Technical Service Description documents if needed.

By clicking the “Orderbutton, you enter into a binding contract, and the provisioning of Cloud ROUTER starts.

An order confirmation email will be sent to you within a few minutes, and your Cloud ROUTER is now visible under “Services.”

Please follow the next steps if you want to create a DirectCLOUD service and attach cloud connections or if you want to add and extend your on-premises by creating a VirtualPNI service.

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