Create Cloud ROUTER connection (DirectCLOUD)
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Guides for ordering DirectCLOUD Connections

To add cloud connections to our previously provisioned Cloud ROUTER, follow the mentioned guides until this step:

Now that you have ordered the desired cloud service, it is time to attach the Cloud VLAN to the Cloud ROUTER.

Click on "Add connection details" from the Connect to Cloud ROUTER field.

In the next step, you will have to configure the connection, this is an example:

  • Select Your Cloud Router

  • Add the name for your configuration (External Reference)

  • Select the BGP IP of the Cloud Router with the subnet mask (we recommend to use a /30)

  • Select the BGP IP of the Cloud Service Provider

  • Add a BGP Password (Optional)

  • Add the BGP Neighbour ASN:

    • CSP ASNs

      GCP: 16550

      Azure: 12076

      IBM: 13884

      AWS: is the ASN you have configured in the portal

  • Cloud VLAN (not mandatory for every CSP)

Now your connection is attached to the Cloud ROUTER, if the CSP side is well configured, the BGP should be up after some minutes.

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