Cloud ROUTER General Overview
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The DE-CIX Cloud ROUTER offers a direct and private high performance data exchange between cloud environments. Route traffic directly between public and/or private clouds and benefit from improved application performance due to reduced latency as well as increased security, protection against cyber-attacks and reduced costs by using direct connectivity options with lower egress charges.

Cloud ROUTER and Cloud ROUTER connections

Cloud ROUTER is a virtual Layer 3 routing service that complements other DECIX interconnection services based on DE-CIX’ high-performance global Apollon platform. Preconfigured Cloud ROUTER instances enable data transfer for versatile multi- or hybrid-cloud scenarios. Cloud ROUTER can host a defined number of connections, such as DirectCLOUD and VirtualPNI, to create the desired network setup.

Cloud ROUTER connections connect Cloud ROUTER with either Cloud Service Provider (CSP) or customers on-premise equipment connected to customers DE-CIX Access via VirtualPNI. Depending on your individual network needs, the following service components can be flexibly combined:

  • Multi cloud setups: Cloud ROUTER + DirectCLOUD Service(s)

  • Hybrid cloud setups: Cloud ROUTER + DirectCLOUD Service(s) + VirtualPNI Service(s) connecting your DE-CIX Access


For pure Multi-cloud setups, no DE-CIX Access / physical presence in a data center of the customer is required. The DE-CIX Access product is the physical interface / connection to the Apollon platform in a specific DE-CIX location (port / lag), only relevant in hybrid-cloud setups.

Under the hood

The DE-CIX Cloud ROUTER follows a redundancy by design principle, offering great advantages in terms of reliability. Cloud ROUTER is bound to one DE-CIX location (metro-region), but not to one Premium Enabled Site (data center).

Example of the distributed service behavior

As onramps to the desired CSPs and the private equipment are located in 5 different data centers in the above example, DE-CIX Cloud ROUTER expands across all affected edge sites. If an edge site fails or is being serviced, the Cloud ROUTER and the connections to all other onramps remain intact.

Feature overview Cloud ROUTER

Point-to-Point (to DE-CIX Access)

Cloud Connectivity

0,1 to 100 Gbit/s

>100 Gbit/s

✓ (on request)

Supported cloud connects

Microsoft Azure

Amazon AWS

Google Cloud

IBM Cloud

Oracle Cloud (coming soon)


By design

Available via

DE-CIX self-service portal


Contract term options

1,12,24,36 month(s)


99,99 % p.m.

Provisioning time


Additional resources

For further details on Cloud ROUTER check:

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