Create Cloud ROUTER connection (VirtualPNI)
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The VirtualPNI service will create a Layer 2 connection that will extend your on-premise and will interconnect you with your Cloud ROUTER.

In the DE-CIX services menu, start with "Add Service" and choose "Add VirtualPNI."

Select "Cloud ROUTER to Access."

Specify the metro area of your Access Port (from where you want to extend your on-premises) and the metro area of the Cloud ROUTER you want to connect to.

Choose the contract duration and the bandwidth:

If everything looks good, click on "Order."

If it is successful, it will prompt this:

After the creation of the service, it is time to configure the VPNI with the Cloud ROUTER:

  1. Select Your DE-CIX port

  2. Select the VLAN type and the VLAN ID you want to use for connecting to the Cloud ROUTER

  3. Select Your Cloud Router

  4. Add the name for your configuration (External Reference)

  5. Select the BGP IP of the Cloud Router with the subnet mask (we recommend to use a /30)

  6. Select the BGP IP of your on-premises

  7. Add a BGP Password (Optional)

  8. Add your BGP AS Number

After clicking submit, your connection is now attached to the Cloud ROUTER.

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