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DE-CIX API: Cloud ROUTER Postman Collection Overview
DE-CIX API: Cloud ROUTER Postman Collection Overview
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Welcome to the DE-CIX Cloud ROUTER Postman Collection documentation. This guide serves as a comprehensive resource for users aiming to harness the robust capabilities of DE-CIX's private global carrier-grade platform via API. Through this collection you can seamlessly establish and manage:

  • Cloud ROUTERs

  • DirectCLOUDs - connections with major cloud service providers like AWS, Azure, and IBM, Google

  • VirtualPNIs - connections between your DE-CIX Access (port/lag) and Cloud ROUTER

Also gain access to operational information and Key API endpoints allow for the retrieval of real-time data such as the BGP state of a connection or the route table of the Cloud ROUTER. Authenticate securely, fetch product offerings, and customize network configurations with ease. Dive in and streamline your cloud routing processes with the intuitive interface of Postman.

Postman collection

If you do not already have Postman installed, please download it here

Preconditions, limitations and notes

  • Precondition to use DE-CIX API: being an existing DE-CIX customer with portal credentials.

  • DE-CIX Cloud ROUTER IX-API Extension is an official extension of IX-API. The relevant references to the specified endpoints are detailed in the respective segments of the above Postman collection.

  • This postman collection is covering the following services:

    • Cloud ROUTER

    • DirectCLOUD (connections CSPs <> Cloud ROUTER)

    • VirtualPNI (connections DE-CIX Access port <> Cloud ROUTER)

  • DE-CIX Access (ports / lags) for hybrid cloud scenarios have to be provisioned and in operation before being able to connect a Cloud ROUTER to an Access via VirtualPNI.

  • Feedback is welcome. We are happy to support you using our API. Just click on the button on the bottom right.

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