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To take advantage of DE-CIX’s interconnection services, start by connecting to our platform via an Access. You have the option to connect at various DE-CIX locations worldwide - at premium enabled sites where DE-CIX operates its proprietary hardware, or at partner sites where we collaborate with partners to establish your connection. Our platform provides independent access, with capacities of 1GE, 10GE, 100GE, or 400GE, subject to the specific location. Upon establishing a connection, you can then order a multitude of services as needed.

Please note: The availability of orderable accesses, as shown in the product offering endpoint, is limited to selected locations to ensure rapid port allocation.

Product Selection

  1. Login to the DE-CIX Portal. Select Let's create on the Interconnection Dashboard or Add Access via the Add Service Dropdown menu, which you find on the Interconnection Dashboard or the Service Overview.

  2. Complete the following fields

    1. Metro Area: Utilize the provided search field to identify the location where you wish to provision a port. Ensure that this is a location where you already have presence and you have the capability to construct a cross connect.

    2. Data Center: Use the search field to locate the data center in which you want to provision an Access.

    3. Name: Enter a descriptive name for your Access.

    4. Purchase Order: Indicate a Purchase Order (PO) number for association with the Access.

    5. Mode: This setting determines how your ports will be configured to handle traffic.

      • LAG (LACP): This stands for Link Aggregation Group with the LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol). Selecting this option means you are configuring multiple ports to work together as a single logical port, which can provide increased bandwidth and redundancy in case one of the ports fails.

      • LAG (static): Similar to LACP, this is a static configuration of a Link Aggregation Group without the use of the LACP protocol. It is manually configured and does not have the same dynamic negotiation capabilities as LACP.

      • Standalone (single port): This option means that each port you provision will operate independently, without being part of a Link Aggregation Group.

    6. Timeout (Appears only for LAG (LACP)): When LAG (LACP) is selected, a toggle for timeout settings will appear:

      • Slow: A slower timeout may be beneficial in environments where longer wait times for responses are acceptable.

      • Fast: Choose a faster timeout if your network requires quick failover and lower latency.

    7. Port Quantity: If you choose to provision a LAG you can define how many ports you want to have provisioned.

    8. Speed: Select a speed for your port.


After completing the product selection, proceed by clicking on Next, which will take you to an overview of your order. To finalize your order and initiate the provisioning process, click Order.

Please note: In most cases the Access is provisioned immediately, but on occasion it can take longer. After the Access is provisioned, DE-CIX generates a Letter of Authorization (LOA) specifying the demarcation point to be applied to your service. A PDF of the LOA is sent to you by email.

Next Steps

To gain access to the DE-CIX platform, it is necessary to establish a physical connection between your equipment and the DE-CIX infrastructure as soon as the LoA is available. Please adhere to the following steps:

1. Download LoA: Check your email or download directly from the DE-CIX portal.

2. Order Cross Connect: Reach out to your data center provider to arrange a cross-connect to DE-CIX.

3. Check Access status: Keep track of the provisioning progress on the Access Service Details page in the DE-CIX portal and wait for the Access status to update to production.

4. Need help? Email us anytime at

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