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As a DE-CIX customer, you may find the need to expand your network’s capacity by adding additional ports to your Link Aggregation Group (LAG) configured Access. The DE-CIX portal provides a streamlined process for this. This article will guide you through the terms and functionality presented in the "Add Ports to LAG" section of the portal.

Requirements for ports in a LAG

All ports must share the same:

  • Location (metro area)

  • Site (data center)

  • Speed

Product selection

  1. Login to the DE-CIX Portal. Select Add Ports to LAG via the Add Service Dropdown menu, which you find on the Interconnection Dashboard or on the Service Overview.

  2. Complete the following fields:

    1. Access: The provided dropdown menu allows you to select the specific Access to which you want to add ports. It displays only your existing LAG configured Accesses. Based on your selection the "Access Details" and "Ports" will be populated with more information in regards to your current Access setup.

    2. Port Quantity: The slider allows you to choose the number of additional ports you wish to provision.


After completing the product selection, proceed by clicking on Next, which will take you to an overview of your order. To finalize your order and initiate the provisioning process, click Order.

Please note: In most cases the Access is provisioned immediately, but on occasion it can take longer. After the Access is provisioned, DE-CIX generates a Letter of Authorization (LOA) specifying the demarcation point to be applied to your service. A PDF of the LOA is sent to you by email.

Next steps

To gain access to the DE-CIX platform, it is necessary to establish a physical connection between your equipment and the DE-CIX infrastructure as soon as the LoA is available. Please adhere to the following steps:

1. Download LoA: Check your email or download directly from the DE-CIX portal.

2. Order Cross Connect: Reach out to your data center provider to arrange a cross-connect to DE-CIX.

3. Check Access status: Keep track of the Provisioning progress on the Access Service Details page in the DE-CIX portal and wait for the Access status to update to production.

4. Need help? Email us anytime at

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