The Multi-Color Clipart included in our graphics apps are vector based elements that include multiple elements combined to create a single piece of clipart. Each of the individual colors of the elements can be changed, however, gradients can not be applied the same way you can with shapes.

The multi-colored clipart is mixed in with bitmap images in Stock Images. To see the difference, let's open a template in the Logo Designer that includes a multi-colored clipart.

Just go to the Logo Designer in the Graphic Tools menu in your admin, click the Open Design button at the top of the app, and select the "Dallas" logo under "Stock Logos".

Once the logo template opens, under the "Design Layers" tool palette, select the Oval11 layer which contains the oval shaped clipart

Once you select it, you will notice under "Art Effects" that there are multiple elements with color pickers. In this case, Inner, Top, and Bottom.

Using the color pickers, change the colors of the three elements and notice the colors changing on the oval shaped element of the logo. Each muti-colored clipart has unique elements, and may contain up to 10 or more colors.

When adding or editing an element that you think might be editable (not a bitmap), simply look for assorted color pickers under the Art Effects tool palette when the element is selected.

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