One unique aspect of the graphics apps from is the ability to actually change the colors of individual artwork elements. This is because a lot of the artwork is vector based, rather than bitmap (such as photos). Many of the template you will edit or create will have a combination of both vector and bitmap based artwork.

All of the shapes that you can add are vector based. For shapes, you can change the color to either a solid color or a gradient.

For demonstration purposes, lets add a shape to a 700 x 275 canvas with a colored background in the Graphic Designer app.

Once you have set the canvas width, height, and color by using the Background button, just click the "Add Shape" button on the left side menu.

There you will see numerous categories of shapes to choose from. In this example, we are going to choose the "Curves" category and select "Horizontal Curve 1"

Next, we are going to scale it by dragging a corner of the graphic, position at the bottom of the canvas, and change the color to blue from the Main Color color picker on the "Art Effects" tool palette.

As you can see, the shape is perfect for adding a vehicle image and and other elements for a quick and easy slideshow image.

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